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The G Experience

I specialize in live music entertainment for a variety of events and parties. One reason I’m able to perform for a wide range of event types is that I’ve mastered singing an array of material in a spectrum of musical styles. Whether you want me to provide my own suggested performance packages, or you have your own requests, I’m flexible and accommodating for virtually every music type and event specification.


Image by Samuel Pereira

Concerts & Festivals

Host a wedding no one wants to leave…

From the moment guests arrive to the moment doors close, The G Experience will keep everyone thoroughly entertained. Start the celebration with live ceremony music and keep up the energy through the cocktail hour with great entertaining ensembles. We’ll help you make song selections that are perfectly matched to your style and taste. The GE travels locally and nationally.


Private Events


Throw your loved, or yourself, an epic birthday celebration. Whether you’re looking for a personalized Happy Birthday serenade or special event entertainment, The GE has you covered. Your party will be an undisputed hit with everyone on your guest list.


We want your event to raise record-breaking funds, so we know the importance of appealing to everyone while maintaining your guests upbeat and charitable spirit. The GE will keep donors entertained with selections during every phase of your fundraiser, from the silent auction or cocktail reception, all the way through dinner.

Social Events

*Corporate Events *Dinner Parties *Anniversaries *Retirements *Holiday Parties *Festivals *And More The G Experience will kick up the energy and bring the kind of stage presence that gets every guest out of their and adults alike.

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